Improving Outcomes By Empowering Patients

Managing Chronic Disease Through Exercise

The Big Picture

The Beneufit platform has been designed to cost-effectively manage some of the worlds biggest health challenges. Our patent-pending technology correlates protocol compliance with it's effect on symptoms and disease progression. We put patients first, empowering them to influence their condition and understand how action translates into improvement.

The increasing chronic disease burden caused by physical inactivity and other lifestyle factors calls for new low-cost methods of delivering behavior change programs to large populations. By leveraging mobile devices, sensor technology and the latest scientific discoveries around exercise, Beneufit is able to address some of the world's most widespread and important health problems.

Despite the proven health benefits of physical exercise, the majority of the adult population in the developed world does not meet the recommended level of physical activity. Beneufit will positively influence physical activity behavior at scale, providing a cost-effective improvement to public health.

The Beneufit Platform

Parkinson's Disease

Beneufit's pdFIT™ improves manual dexterity, fitness capacity and overall quality of life.

Alzheimer's Disease

In our upcoming study we aim to improve memory and delay Alzheimer's disease progression.

ResearchKit Development

We support leading researchers by powering their studies with the world's best digital tools.

Beneufit's pdFIT™ improves outcomes for Parkinson's disease patients every day.

Our evidence-based approach provides visibility into patient and population progress as measured by our objective fitFactor™ and circleTap™ outcome measurements.

Platform Components

The Beneufit system combines innovative digital tools and physiological sensors that coach patients through disease-specific exercise protocols, track symptoms with precise and objective outcome measures and improve outcomes for patients willing to alter the course of their disease.

  • Disease-Specific Coaching

    Personalized, disease-specific exercise protocols are scientifically validated to improve outcomes.

  • Objective Outcome Measures

    Continuous objective measurement of disease state keeps patients engaged and enables visibility on a population level.

  • Wireless Sensors

    Highly accurate Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensors provide physiological data that keeps patients on target.

pdFIT™ for Parkinson's Disease

What You Get

Our goal is to improve Parkinson's dsease symptoms and delay disease progression.

We've been helping Parkinosn's disease patients improve their fitness capacity and manual dexterity for over two years. In our 2014 Parkinson's Disease Pilot Study, over the 12 week study period the Beneufit patient population improved their fitness capacity as measured by their fitFactor™ scores, by 38% and manaul dexterity as measured by their circleTap™ scores by 25%.

Will it work for you? We feel very strogly that it will. Every day our patients generate data that proves it's working for them. If you follow the pdFIT™ protocol and do not show improvement we'll give you refund.

What People Are Saying

The Beneuift system provides patients with the right program for their individual situation and empowers people to improve their condition by following precise protocols designed for their fitness level and disease state. Tools built into the mobile app measure progress over time so everyone knows how they are doing.


San Francisco, CA

The Beneufit system was exactly the push I needed to diversify and intensify my exercise program.


UCSF, San Francisco

I need the incentive of Beneufit to do my maximum level.


Santa Rosa, CA

I feel much stronger and better in control of my symptoms than before cycling.