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 Our Tools Solve Problems

Beneufit Tracer™ measures body movement objectively

Our patented technology measures all aspects of body movement with any video.
No Sensors Required.

Tracer™ tracks and scores the following:

  • Dyskinesia
  • Dystonia
  • Tremor
  • Gait
  • Aerobic exercise capacity
  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Mobility

Tracer™ Movement Analysis: Gait

Measures all aspects of body movement and posture.

 Our Tools Measure Outcomes Objectively: Dyskinesia

Tracer™ measures movement disorder symptoms objectively with standard web video.

Beneufit Tracer™

Tracer™ live Subject View and summary Heat Map feature illustrating Parkinson's disease dyskinesia score and movement. The colored lines track each body part's movemeent over the course of the evaluation video.

Over half of the world’s 7.5 billion people owns a smartphone. Beneufit’s TracerTM technology requires only a smartphone and can be administered anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Human error and subjectivity cause promising new drugs to fail to get approval and result in sub-optimal treatment plans for patients.

Machine learning and computer vision technologies measure body part movement objectively and accurately every time, regardless of operator, language or location.

This globally-scalable technology will enable more diverse study populations and post-study evaluation.

Rare Disease Patient Registries: Own & Control Your Data

  • Ensure the needs of patients and caregivers are expressed.
  • Retain complete finaincial and scientific control over disease population's data.
  • Multi-language out of the box, Beneufit registries are globally accessible.
  • Integrate Tracer™ and other patient-centric endpoints for longitudinal analysis.
  • Role-based system manages features and content.
  • Generate your future clinical trials population.
FOXG1 Research Foundation Patient Registry

FOXG1 Research Foundation Patient Registry

Dashboard with Medication Chart

Beneufit Medication Tracker and circleTap™ mobile finger tapping test.

How are you doing in between doctor visits?

The Beneufit system helps inform patients, caregivers and physicians with objective conditional data. A more complete understanding of an array of symptoms results in better treatment plans.

Actively monitoring symptoms in relation to treatment plans keeps them on track. In addition to measuring motor symptoms such as bradykinesia, tools are being developed to measure gait, posture, tremor and dyskinesia. We will also measure non-motor symptoms including energy, mood and sleep.

 Our Tools Generate Evidence

Internal Study: Statistically Significant Improvement In Fitness Capacity And Motor Control over a 2-Year Period1

Medication Reminders

We periodically perform statistical analysis of our data to quantify bahavior for clients participating in the exercise program and finger tapping tests.

What we've discovered is the pdFIT™ service has made immediate and long-lasting improvements in outcomes for people who use it regularly.

1.Beneufit, Inc. (n.d.). Statistically Significant Improvement. Retrieved January 03, 2018, from https:// beneufit.com/studies